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St Bernard’s Football Club was founded back in 2000 by bookkeeper Kayleigh Vincent. She was 27 that time and residing at 91 Mounthoolie Lane, Summercourt, TR8, 0UP. Football was in her hometown and Vincent was more than just a fan of the sport.

She played football at a young age and even joined the girl’s football team at her elementary school. Growing up, football always had a place in Vincent’s life. In 2000, to help some at-risk kids stay away from a life of crime, she started a football club out of her own pocket.

It wasn’t your usual football club. Vincent gathered kids from all over her hometown, gave them food, clothing, and of course taught them how to play football.

10 Years Later

In 2010, the club was one of the top football clubs in Summercourt. They didn’t have much funding so it was hard to accommodate more children. So, Vincent decided on a plan to make more money.

Enter, the Online Magazine

Vincent hired a creative team she could afford and together they set up an online website that hosts an online magazine about football. Setting up the online magazine was easy but getting people to read it and subscribe was hard.

It took Vincent and her team at least a year to start making money with the online magazine but after that, it was truly phenomenal. Many people from the community got together to contribute to the promotion of the magazine.

In 2014, there were more than 400,000 people subscribed.  They use all of their earnings for the club and to help a lot of at-risk youth take a better direction in life.

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