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St Bernard’s Football Club is the number 1 football online magazine in the UK for several reasons. First, it is backed up by a truly inspiring football story of an individual helping kids achieve better lives.

Second, it didn’t take advantage of anyone and its mission stayed the same for more than 2 decades. Third, it helped several small businesses focused on sports established themselves.

Advertising with St Bernard’s Football Club

In 2016, the online magazine generated several readers with an estimated total of 549,000 across the UK. Several sports brands and companies approached Kayleigh Vincent for advertising purposes. From that, the online magazine made a lot of money.

As a way of giving back to the community that supported it, they provided free advertising services to small businesses all over the UK. We are not just talking about businesses selling sports products and services. We mean all sorts of businesses.

Advertise with us today

We continue to provide advertising and marketing services to businesses, organizations, and even start-ups. Most of our campaigns are sports-focused given that our main platform is about football, a sport.

We have a capable creative team with different expertise to help people promote their products and services to the right audience.  We have done several advertising jobs for global companies.

Those experiences cemented the online magazine as one of the most competitive ones in the world of sports.

Our advertising services are offered at not only affordable rates but cost-effective rates. We tailor all of our services according to our client’s preferences and budget. Advertising with us is not just a marketing move but an investment as well.

After each campaign is done and distributed, we have an analytics team to assess the engagement it got. An important reminder that we only advertise in our online magazine and social media. Our results will be limited in those platforms.

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